Random, Weird, Crap That’s Happened

So in the last month a lot of random crap has happened. I couldn’t not blog about it. Here goes:

  • Random Weird Crap #1: I got a call from the school letting me know that my kindergartner is part of a fight club. The first rule of “kindergarten fight club” is don’t let the principal or your mommy find out that you’re part of the “kindergarten fight club”.  What’s our world coming to?
  • Random Weird Crap #2: I got the following comment sent to me from a gentleman named Omar:
    “Energy is money. Family is most important. Government gave women rights because government knows that women have a nack for sabotaging them selfs. And for this feminism we thank you you loyal friend through the ages”. This comment brought me a lot of joy because it reminded me that I am happy about he following things: 1) I am literate and can spell and construct a readable sentence in four different languages. 2) That I am a feminist. 3) That I am still single, if this is what the world has to offer in terms of men. Thank you Omar for your super insightful comment. I know it is most likely just spam.
  • Random Weird Crap #3: A former “friend” of mine randomly accused me of stealing something from her- (I totally didn’t).  I should have seen this coming but I am too trusting. All of the “single white female” red flags were there. Thank you for my next two book ideas… See, I can take  other people’s sour lemons and make expensive gourmet lemonade! Thank you for throwing your sour lemons in my face!
  • Random Weird Crap #4: I got the following fortune in my fortune cookie when we ordered Chinese at work. “You and your wife will be very happy in your life together.” One of my colleagues congratulated me on learning something new about myself.
Who's the lucky gal?
My good fortune!
  • Random Weird Crap #5: Our new neighborhood swimming pool is in the back of a Ford pick-up truck.
Why did no one do this when we were kids?
My kids swimming in the back of a pick-up.
  • Random Weird Crap #7: My kids and I were walking by the creek on our way to the park the other day. We hear a bull frog so I told them to look at it. When we found it, we saw that it had one leg in a snake’s mouth. Me being me, I had to do something about it. I decided to go down and nudge the snake with a stick. The frog got away and the snake came after me, but alas, I was faster than the snake. My kids now think I’m a total bad-ass. I feel a little sad for the snake. He was probably hungry. I hope he found a vegetarian option… and I’m glad he didn’t eat me!
  • Random Weird Crap #8: Our neighborhood also has a new outdoor television. Thanks to the HOA for allowing this even though I can’t get a parking space on this block! My dog is really into it… either that or he thought was a giant, rectangular fire hydrant.
He's waiting for Stranger Things to come on.
My dog and his outdoor television.
  • Random Weird Crap #9: I came home and found this at the bottom of the steps to my house… Not sure what I did to deserve this… See number 3 above??? Is it my own single white female leaving a message? Probably just one of the delinquent neighbor kids. Anyway, I’m almost touched that I get under someone’s skin so much that they left me a tribute of their feelings for me.
Someone left me a souvenir that illustrates their feelings for me.
Ummm… is that what I think it is at the bottom of my porch steps?

Any random crap in your world? Celebrate it with me! Feel free to drop a line and share.


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