Home Repairs and Murphy’s Law

My home needs a lot of repairs. It has needed repairs on a consistent basis since the day we moved in. A few days ago I had a handyman over to rehang the storm door that had literally fallen from the piece of foam disguised as wood that it hung from. That was the main job, but as I looked around the house I saw five other things that have gone unfixed for years.

There were the curtain rod brackets that were barely hanging from the wall- fix. Then there were the pieces of base shoe and the little board that goes across the entry way that had somehow come loose and needed to be reattached. Finally, there were several lighting fixtures that needed various repairs and aesthetic improvements.

Four hours and seven hundred dollars later, I was feeling good about life. It was like I checked off a “to-do” list that’s been sitting around since before my kids were born. I’m notorious for putting these things off for years, so I felt as if I’d lived my purpose for the day.

A couple hours later, I took the kids to the pool where we met some friends. We had barely been there an hour when it thundered, so we decided to pack up and walk home. The kids invited their friends to come over after they changed.

We arrived home and immediately my children started fighting over who would get to answer the door when our friends arrived. I noticed they were pulling on both sides of the door knob (the door was open, so I’m not sure how they thought they would have to answer it). I yelled at them to let go and go change into clothes.

Ten minutes later, there was a knock on the door. The boys raced down the steps to answer it and started yelling that they couldn’t open it. Sure enough, the knob turned but did not open.  I called out the window to our friends and let them know I was going to try and get them in ASAP.

This resulted in a major temper tantrum from my oldest who thought he should have been the one to relay the message through the window.

Two minutes later, I had disassembled the door knob and pulled the door open. My friend and I tried to reassemble it but my little monsters had apparently done some real damage to the door knob. It’s been over twenty-four hours since I’ve had a door knob on my front door. Now I get to add “Home Depot” to my list of errands on my “child-free” weekend.

Why couldn’t they have just broken the damn door knob while the handyman was there? Again, questioning as I frequently do, what past sins I am paying for and why my kids are so destructive in every way. Someday maybe I’ll laugh? For now I’ll just barricade the door so that burglars, sex offenders, and random vagrants can’t get in. Goo thing I got that storm door back up!


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Update: I bought and installed a new door knob. It’s official- I don’t need a man for anything now.

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