Chasing Rainbows

Double Rainbow

Sometimes it’s the little things that you remember most. This past Saturday, my kids I spent the afternoon chasing rainbows. It had been a crazy day full of swim lessons, birthday parties, and errands. My boys wanted to go back to the pool for some free swim but I wanted to go to the gym and work towards my weight loss goal. But what is being a parent if you don’t make some sacrifices for your kids?

Long story short, I promised we would go to the pool after a quick errand during which an unseasonable thunderstorm hit. By the time we got to the pool, the storm was ending but the pool was closed due to thunder. My children immediately blamed me for the whole ordeal. The trek back to the car was quite unpleasant. As we started to drive, we noticed the most beautiful, vibrant rainbow in front of us. It was a full arc- which I have never seen- with a lighter arc above it.

While we sat at the stop light, we marveled at this most perfect and incredulous phenomenon. As we drove towards home, the rainbow followed us. We drove a little bit out of our way so we could continue chasing the rainbows. While we did, we discussed the science behind why rainbows occur. Everyone’s bad mood faded as we shared this moment.

My oldest told me that he made the rainbow to show me how much he loved me. I almost cried. It’s amazing how we take the little things for granted. But this remnant from an untimely storm was truly beautiful. The real miracle was how it brought our family together. The boys will soon forget the afternoon we couldn’t go swimming, but I hope they will always remember the afternoon we spent chasing the perfect rainbow.

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